You just took out your iPhone and tried it didn’t you?


Well you’re not the only one. 




If you’ve upgraded your iPhone to the new iOS 11, then try this..


Go into your calculator app, and type 1+2+3. 


You likely won’t get 6.


You might get 23, or 24, or 16 or 32 or something else, depending on what button you tap and in what order.


And most of us having been to kindergarten we’ve learnt that 1+2+3 ain’t none of those numbers.





According to some iPhone users on Reddit who spotted the issue.


A group of iPhone users on Reddit spotted the issue.


The issue for some reason seems to be because of a new animation that Apple added into the calculator app, where a button briefly fades to white when you press it.


As a result when you press on an operator sign, the plus sign for this instance, (before the short animation finishes) the app completely ignores it.


So 1+2+3 gets read as 1+23.


That’s where you get your weird answers.





It’s a bug. A pretty dumb one.


What in the world, honestly, Apple? 


Most of us we use the calculator app for a variety of reasons, and if for a simple 1+2+3 gets you a wrong answer I might as well switch to counting with bread sticks.




Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez for AP Photo