How to Type Cent Symbol on Mac

type cent symbol on mac

TL;DR Press your Option + 4 keys to type cent symbol on Mac. You can also copy-paste the symbol (¢) from here. 

Ever since the mid-90s, not often do you see an apple (fruit) that is worth $0.99 to be represented in the form of 99¢, unless if you’re from outside North America where the usage of such currency notation remains more common. 

One of the reasons why this cent symbol has since diminished in usage is for one that the US keyboards couldn’t accommodate the cent symbol on the typeface; hence we had to make do with the $ symbol instead. Secondly, inflation, where prices occupy higher values these days than of past years. 

But where and if you require to type cent symbol on Mac, the shortcuts below should provide a quick and reliable way.


  1. Press Option Key + 4 Key
  2. Use Special Characters Keyboard
  3. If Nothing Works, Just ¢opy-Paste IT!


How to Type Cent Symbol on Mac: 3 Ways


1. Press Option Key + 4 Key.

Pressing down on both your Option key and the number 4 key on your Mac keyboard at the same time works to type the cent symbol on Mac on all versions of macOS and Macintosh systems.

type cent symbol on mac
Magic Keyboard


type cent symbol on mac
MacBook Pro keyboard


This is provided that the font you’re using supports the cent symbol to print on the screen. You can identify if the cent symbol is not working due to font issues on your Mac when you would see a little black square ⬛ instead of the cent symbol.

Take note that some Mac keyboards (particularly the Apple keyboards UK/Europe) will showcase the Option key as just alt instead.

type cent symbol on mac



2. Use Special Characters Keyboard.

Did you know that your Mac has a special character keyboard that comes with your macOS?

Who would have thought, indeed?

EmojiWorks Keyboard
Not this.


To bring up this special character’s keyboard, you can place the cursor anywhere where you want to enter the cent symbol, such as in a document or a message. 

Then, press all three Command-Command(⌘)-Space Bar keys down together and you should the following Character Viewer appear from where you can type “cent” into the search field to bring up the cent symbol on your Mac. Alternatively, you can also click on the    symbol (upper-right corner) to expand and reveal all characters.


type cent symbol on mac


For easy access to this keyboard shortcut, you can open the Keyboard preferences and then make sure to select the Show keyboard and emoji viewers in the menu bar, which will add the special characters keyboard directly onto your top-menu bar.

type cent symbol on mac



3. If Nothing Works, Just ¢opy-Paste IT!

Say if you don’t have a keyboard or your keyboard is set on fire, then in such a scenario, you can always copy-paste the cent symbol, ¢.


We hope that this guide has helped show and explain how to type the cent symbol on Mac. If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will love to help you out. ❤


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