NOOO, I spent ages writing that. Now I’ve got to write that all over again! 🙁


Ring any bells?


One minute you are typing in your Notes app on your iPhone (or your iPad) and the next you find out that you might have deleted a little too much from what you’ve already written.


:throws phone outside the window:


It’s annoying and it’s frustrating but you know what?


It’s completely alright.


Just go outside and grab your phone back and I’ll show you how.


This is the one and only thing you need to do to undo typing on iPhone or  iPad.


Ready for it?




How to Undo Typing on iPhone or iPad: 1 Trick


Step 1:  Shake your phone. No, I’m not kidding. Then tap on Undo.


Undo Typing on iPhone or iPad




Undo Typing on iPhone or iPad




Keep shaking it, till you make it.