:jumps onto sofa:


Let me grab my remote.


Sweet, so Apple has recently released a new update for our Apple TVs (sorry but sticking an antenna onto an Apple is not really a TV).


And you know what? 


It is, in fact, a pretty worthwhile update, and here’s why:


The new tvOS 11 update brings quiet a lot of cool features with it like a automatic dark mode, Home screen syncing, support for your AirPods and well of course 4K HDR.


But of course if you wanna get 4K HDR you’re going to need to get your hands on the new Apple TV 4K (even tough you can update your 4th generation Apple TV to tvOS 11 though it doesn’t mean it can support 4K HDR since it does not have the hardware needed to support 4K HDR) and well a 4K TV if you want the full cinematic experience.


There’s a whole lot more features but you don’t worry about that for now and anyways you’ll be playing with your newly updated TV in just a matter of seconds.


Alright. Let’s get this over with.





How to Update Apple TV to tvOS 11: 9 Steps



Step 1:  Head over to your Settings app on your home screen.


update apple tv to tvos 11





Step 2:  Next, scroll down and tap on your System.


update apple tv to tvos 11





Step 3:  Next, tap on Software Updates.


update apple tv to tvos 11





Step 4:  Done? Great! Now what you need to do now is check to see if you really have installed tvOS 11 already. So if you want to know whether it has already installed then it is if you have Automatic Updates enabled.


update apple tv to tvos 11




If you find that it is not updated then select Update Software.


update apple tv to tvos 11





Step 5:  Now you’ll see a pop-up, just select Download and Install. Your update will begin now with a little progress bar at the bottom left hand corner. 


update apple tv to tvos 11
You can go make yourself a mocha while you’re at it. 🙂





Step 6:  After a few minutes your Apple TV will restart by itself to continue with its updating.


update apple tv to tvos 11





Step 7:  Sweet! Now once the update is complete, you’ll see a Welcome screen where your Apple TV will introduce it to you some of the new features that is on your new tvOS 11. Just hit Continue. 🙂


update apple tv to tvos 11





Step 8:  You’re almost done! Now on the following screen, you’ll have the option to enable or disable Home Screen syncing. Simply put it basically syncs your Apple TV’s home screen across all the other multiple Apple TV devices that you might have around your house. You can Turn On or do it later by tapping Not Now.


update apple tv to tvos 11





Step 9:  Finally if you have enabled Single Sign On with your provider then you can continue to keep using it with your new tvOS or have it disabled it here on this page. 


update apple tv to tvos 11



That’s it.



Have fun! 😀




Share this guide with your family and friends who happen to have an Apple TV so that when you do come over to their place later you can binge watch Netflix with them.  🙂