Nothing on Instagram, even that picture of that beautiful chocolate sundae you perceive, is the present momentary depiction of other people’s lives.


It’s the truth.


That picture you see right now, this very second, is the end result of hours of countless takes, countless experimentation with mashed up filters, and an immense thought process that goes behind to even perfect the very angle the picture is coming from trying to depict its message which at times puts the thinking process of Nobel prize winners feeling inadequate.


In short, both you and I, we put a lot of effort into curating our virtual gallery of our lives.


Upload Photos Older 24 hours Instagram Stories




And with Instagram Stories there’s a lack of freedom for us to publish the pictures that we took 24 hours before.


This guide will show you how you can do just that and upload old photos that you took 24 hours before onto your Instagram Stories. 🙂





Uploading Old Photos to Instagram Story


1.  Screenshot that photo


Step 1:  Head over to the photo that you want to post on your Instagram Stories and take a screenshot.


Upload Photos Older 24 hours Instagram Stories





Step 2:  By doing this, the picture that you’ve just screenshot will appear as a new photo in your Camera Roll and from there you’ll be able to upload it onto your Instagram Stories. 🙂


The only downside to this is that the quality of your photo will be slightly decreased and that you have to crop out the black background but other than that this is the fastest way.





2.  Change the date of that photo


This method is a great way to use the  photo that you’d taken originally and publish without sacrificing quality.


There is no way to do this on an iPhone though but I’ll show you an app that works both great and is free in the App Store.


Step 1: Head over to your App Store and look for MetaTrixter. Download it.


Step 2: Once you’ve downloaded MetaTrixter you can simply choose an old photo in your Camera Roll and change its date and save it.


Upload Photos Older 24 hours Instagram Stories





You can now use that photo in your Instagram Stories.


That’s it! 🙂





Illustration by Malika Favre