Music is a piece of art that goes into each and everyone of our ears differently.


Which is why whenever you go to the art museum (that is if you do) you might interpret the Mona Lisa as being a true testament of the Renaissance but the next person beside you might interpret it as completely different altogether.


What it means to say is, both you and I, we both have different music tastes and how we listen to music altogether.


The frequency, the bass, trebles, or vocal enhancers, each of it adds a little bit of something to whatever you’re listening to. 


You can mess around with all of these elements using Spotify’s own equalizer which you can experiment and cater to your own hearing tastes and preferences to make the music you listen to sound high quality. (Don’t worry you can always reset the equalizer or turn it off if you want it to be standard).


Here’s how you can use Spotify’s equalizer to make your music sound much, much better in just less than 5 minutes. 🙂




How to Use Spotify’s Equalizer: 3 Steps 


If you are an iOS user


This is what you do if you want to use Spotify’s equalizer on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Spotify app. Now tap on Your Library icon to your bottom right hand corner. 


Use Spotify's Equalizer





Step 2:  Alright. Next tap on your Settings (the gear icon) to your top right hand corner if your screen. Do you see it?


Use Spotify's Equalizer





Step 3:  After that, tap on Playback, and then Equalizer and you’ll be brought to your very own specialized set of presets that has already been adjusted by Spotify to the genres of music you listen to. 


Use Spotify's Equalizer



use spotify's equalizer





Want to add in your own flair and style?


Just drag the white dots up or down whilst you make sure to pay close attention to the fine tones of your listening experience. 


use spotify's equalizer



use spotify's equalizer





Step 4:  Done adjusting your music preferences? Great! Just make sure that you keep your Equalizer turned on. (unless if you don’t want your changes to take place and instead want it to be the Spotify standard equalizer settings which you can then turn it off)


That’s it! 😀





If you’re an Android user 


This is what you do if you want to use Spotify’s equalizer on your Android device, 


Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Spotify app. Now tap on the Library icon to your bottom right hand corner and then tap on Settings to your top right hand corner. 


use spotify's equalizer





Step 2:  Alright. Now scroll down until you see Music Quality and then tap on Equalizer.


use spotify's equalizer






You’ll get a warning pop up, but don’t worry about that. Just tick the Don’t show me this again checkbox.


use spotify's equalizer





Step 3:  If you’re on Android you might be brought to your phone’s very own equalizer instead of having to use Spotify’s equalizer but it varies from each Android version and manufacturer and it’ll also probably vary in terms what you can change and the style.


use spotify's equalizer





Step 4:  Whichever equalizer it is, take your time to experiment and find which best suits you. Once you’re done just make sure that you keep the Equalizer turned on. 


Don’t worry, all of the songs you’ll hear in Spotify (even if you have used your phone’s very own Equalizer and not) will use the settings that you have just set. 🙂




Oh and there’s another cool thing you can do if you’re on Android


If you have an Android device, your Spotify is compatible with third-party equalizers which can provide you way more features and tools to closer achieve that music studio quality.


And (this is the coolest one) 


If you were to have your Android device rooted then you can get borderline eargasm quality with ViPER4Android which completely restructures and changes the very signal of each music that is being to your headphones. 🙂