How to Fix “Weak Security” Wifi on iOS 14

Having trouble trying to fix ‘weak security’ WiFi on iOS 14?

Being secure in this day and age is a privilege that isn’t shared by many. While it’s important to always keep your house and family safe, online security is a rising concern amidst the fast and ever-growing digital age.

Updating to iOS 14, you’ve probably read a ‘Weak Security’ warning after connecting to your WiFi connection. This might seem like an important and urgent concern, but in reality, there’s a lot more to this than you might think.

For one, you’ve probably always had weak security to being with. We understand that after reading that, you might panic even more. But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll be going over why this happens and what you can do to fix this issue. Here’s how to fix ‘Weak Security’ WiFi on iOS 14.

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1. Your Router Has Always Been Vulnerable.

If your problem is coming from your home WiFi network, then we’ve got to break it to you, you’ve always been using a vulnerable WiFi network. In fact, you’ve probably been using a vulnerable WiFi network for more than several years by now.

The first time you bought your WiFi router, it came with a certain level of certification for protection. Since you’re getting this error, we expect that your router is probably WPA2-TKIP certified or older.

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These certifications were secure for their time, but have decreased in reliability over the years. If your router is old, you will have to purchase or request another router from your internet service provider to replace your outdated one.

What brought this problem to your attention is that your iPhone, with iOS 14, now detects unsafe or insecure WiFi connections as you connect to them. Depending on the certificate of your router, it has probably been vulnerable for quite a while now.


2. What Does ‘Weak Security’ Mean?

While you should definitely be alarmed at the security risks and dangers of having an insecure router, it’s not as bad as you think. ‘Weak Security’, as stated in the method above, simply means that your router is probably outdated in terms of security.

This implies that your router is susceptible and easier to hack or break into if a hacker were to find your IP address. It’s pretty alarming to get the ‘weak security’ warning only to further read that you’ve always been insecure for a long time.

But in light of this, the threat might not be as dangerous and urgent as you think. The ratio between hackers and everyday Joes is way too big. Theoretically, years could pass by before your router even gets targetted by a potential hacker.

However, it’s best not to wait until something happens. In the methods below, we’ll be going over two methods that you can try to help strengthen and reinforce the security of your router. Before we do that, let’s explain your current situation.


3. You Can Still Use Your Wi-Fi.

Although you may be notified and warned about connecting to a WiFi network with ‘Weak Security’, you can still use the WiFi like normal. Your browsing and internet experience will remain exactly the same it has always been without any restrictions.

iOS 14 will not restrict or interfere with the websites you visit nor with the applications that you connect to. Additionally, feel free to protect yourself with a VPN.


4. Reconfigure Your Wi-Fi Settings.

Now that you’ve read through and realized your situation, it’s time to see what you can do to make yourself secure. You have two ways to try and fix this problem, and it will depend on the model of your router.

In this method, we’ll be going over your router’s settings and changing the security level to something stronger. This will be accessible through your browser where we will be visiting your router’s settings.

To access your router’s settings, we’ll need to enter in your Default Gateway IP as a browser URL. You can do this on a PC or laptop, but since this is an iOS 14 issue, we’ll be going over how you can do this through your iPhone.

Here’s how you can find your ‘Default Gateway’ IP address:

  1. First, open up the Settings app of your iPhone from your home screen. From there, navigate to Wi-Fi.

weak security wifi ios 14

  1. A list of all nearby WiFi connections as well as the previous WiFi networks you’ve connected to should be displayed on your screen. Look for the WiFi you’re having a problem with and tap on the info button ( i ).
  2. Next, scroll down and tap on Router to go to the details, you’ll find your Default Gateway address there.
  3. Finally, copy or write down the Default Gateway, as we will be using this alter.

Once you’ve successfully gotten your Default Gateway IP, let’s proceed to the next part of this method. Here’s how you can reconfigure your Wi-Fi network settings:

  1. Start by opening up your browser and pasting your Default Gateway IP into your address bar.

weak security wifi ios 14

  1. When you’ve navigated to that IP, you should be asked to log in to your router account. You’ll find the necessary username and password on a sticker at the backside of your router. Login with those credentials, or with the current password that’s used by your router, to proceed.
  2. Now that you’ve logged in, we’ll need to let go of your hand from here.

Router interfaces and options are configured uniquely by different ISPs. Due to that, we will be unable to provide a general list of steps that you can do to fix this issue. You’ll have to do a quick Google search for the necessary steps to proceed from here on out.

You don’t have to worry about being confused as the layout should be pretty simple and easy to navigate. If you don’t find the options or setting that you’re looking for, you might have to proceed to the next method.


5. Contact Your Internet Service Provider.

If you have a hard time with reconfiguring your router’s settings, you may have to contact your ISP. Complications with your router can be a result of many things, and often times you may not be able to fix it by yourself.

Updating your router’s security measure doesn’t always work, especially if your router is old and outdated. Furthermore, it’s inevitable for old technology to become obsolete. With this, you may have to order a new router for your home.

weak security wifi ios 14

Most ISPs should provide a new one free of charge, especially if it’s an issue about having an outdated router. However, you can also look for third-party routers, since those give great benefits as well.

Feel free to proceed through this independently and with your own research. That about wraps up this article. Hopefully, we helped you fix ‘Weak Security’ WiFi on iOS 14. If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to leave us a comment down below.

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