What does “This Tweet is unavailable” Mean on Twitter?

It’s just another regular morning, you’re scrolling down your Twitter feed and you come across certain grayed out portions of tweets that read, “This Tweet is unavailable”.
This Tweet Is Unavailable

It’s just another regular morning, you’re scrolling down your Twitter feed and you come across certain grayed out portions of tweets that read, “This Tweet is unavailable”. Sound familiar?


This Tweet Is Unavailable
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The message, “This Tweet is unavailable” is just a placeholder message used by Twitter to let you know that the tweet you are currently trying to read is not available on the Twitter server due to some reason.

You can come across this particular message either while scrolling through a chain of tweets on your timeline or when you click on any particular tweet link.


This Tweet Is Unavailable


If you have faced such an annoying situation where such a Twitter message has interrupted your read, and you are keen on knowing the reasons that would have caused you to land in such a situation, then you are at the right place.

In this guide, we will discuss the different reasons owing to which the “This Tweet is unavailable” message is getting displayed on your Twitter handle and what are the different ways in which you can try fixing it.

However, first and foremost, you may be wondering, what does ‘This Tweet is unavailable’ Mean On Twitter” actually mean? Well, there are six reasons why it happens.

Let’s talk about that. 🔎



What Does ‘This Tweet is Unavailable’ Mean On Twitter?

There are multiple reasons owing to which you read the message, “This Tweet is unavailable” on your Twitter account. In this guide, we would first discuss in brief some of the common reasons that cause this issue:

  • The Tweet Is Deleted

    The message stating that a particular tweet is unavailable may be due to the fact that the tweet you are trying to read has been deleted by the person who had tweeted it. Once the tweet has been deleted, it cannot appear on the feeds, and Twitter informs you about the tweet’s unavailability through a message, “This Tweet is Unavailable”. This is a similar occurrence on sites like Reddit as well where if you were to post a comment or a reply and then decide to delete your post, then Reddit will make the post appear as “Deleted“.

    So take into account that one of the main reasons why the “This Tweet is unavailable” shows up is that simply the tweet was deleted by the original poster.

  • The Twitter User Has Blocked You

    The second reason could be that you are trying to read a tweet that was tweeted from a user account that has blocked your account. In such a case, you won’t be able to read any of the tweets posted from that particular user account and Twitter instead will display the “This Tweet is unavailable” placeholder.

  • You Have Blocked the Twitter User’s Account

    The third reason can also be vice versa wherein you have blocked the user account owing to which you cannot access the tweets posted from that particular account. This does lead to the “This Tweet is unavailable” message getting displayed.

  • A Blocked Account Is Tagged In The Tweet

    One other reason why a certain tweet may be unavailable to you could be because the account tagged in it has been blocked by you for some reason. In the cases where a tagged account is being blocked by you, Twitter does not give you access to those tweets.

  • Tweeted From A Private Account

    If the account is made private/protected, then only the allowed followers can read anything posted from that account. So in case, the Twitter display’s a message which says that the tweet is unavailable could mean that it was posted from a private account and that you are not the allowed follower of that specific account.

  • The Tweet Contains Some Sensitive Information

    If none of the above-mentioned reasons seem to be valid, then the reason could be that Twitter has decided to block that specific tweet due to some unfortunate or sensitive content present in it, and instead, Twitter now displays the message that reads, “This Tweet is Unavailable”. This decision is down to Twitter and their content moderation team.

As now, you are aware of a few reasons due to which you are facing an issue of unavailability of certain tweets on your Twitter account. Let us help you to know some of the ways in which you can try fixing that issue.



How to Fix “This Tweet is Unavailable” Issue on Twitter: 5 Ways


There are several ways in which you can try and fix the issue of certain tweets being unavailable. However, we have listed down some of the most common ways that you can try out to fix the “This tweet is Unavailable” issue on Twitter.


1. Unblock The Twitter User Account.

In case you realize that the unavailability message is because you have blocked the user account. You can unblock that account and then try if you can get access to that tweet.

To unblock a specific user account on Twitter you need to follow a few steps,

  1. Firstly visit the profile of the account you wish to unblock.
  2. Click the Blocked button you see when you visit the profile.
  3. After clicking the Blocked button, there would appear a confirmation box asking you if you wish to unblock the user. Click Confirm on iOS or Yes on Android to confirm. If you’re on a Windows PC or Mac, simply hit the Unblock @username button.

This Tweet Is Unavailable



2. Request The Twitter User To Unblock You.

Otherwise, if the poster of the tweet has blocked you for some reason and if you still want to have a look at his/her tweet then you can try getting in touch with the poster via some other platform and request him/her to unblock you so that you can access their tweet.



3. Try Sending A Follow Request.

In case the tweet has been tweeted from a private account that you are not following yet and you want to read that tweet, then you can try sending a follow request to that account. If the user of that particular account accepts your follower request, then you would be able to get access to that tweet.


Saint Twitter



4. Contact Twitter Support Team.

Suppose all the three fixing methods discussed above did not work in your favor, and you are still facing any issue, then you can try contacting the Twitter support team.

The Twitter support number is 415-222-9670, which can be called free of charges.

You can try raising your concern to the support team, and they would suggest you if there are any other approaches to fix the “This Tweet is Unavailable” issue. You can also try contacting the Twitter support team on their support page, https://help.twitter.com/en/contact-us.


This Tweet Is Unavailable


Feel free to go through the many tips and advice from the helpful comments posted by others below. Let us know below if you found a better option and we will update the article with your credit.



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