How to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80016CFA?

Wondering how to fix Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA on your PC?

How to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80016CFA

False security alarms are common to face when using browsers, including Chrome and Microsoft Edge. These are nothing more than an attempt by hackers to hack into your system, and unfortunately, many people fall for such scams. 

One such common scam alert is the Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA that pops up right after users launch their web browsers. The error code contains a toll-free number and repeatedly asks the users to call that number to resolve the issue. Upon calling the number, the scammers try getting access to your bank accounts, and surprisingly, they succeed most of the time. 

If your browser is displaying the 0x80016CFA error code, there is nothing to worry about. We have listed the most effective ways to get rid of this error in this article. 

Let’s get started.

1. Remove Unwanted Extensions and Reset the Web Browser.

One of the most common causes behind the Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA is the corruption errors within your browser. This can be due to several reasons, including faulty browser extensions and add-ons. 

If your browser is displaying the 0x80016CFA error code, the first thing you should try doing is removing the suspicious extensions and then resetting your web browser. The steps may vary according to the browser you’re using, but the basic principle is the same. 

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open your web browser and click on the More button (three dots) on the top left corner. 
  2. If you are using Google Chrome, then select More tools and click on Extensions. In Microsoft Edge’s case, you will find the Extensions option right after clicking on the More button. 
Microsoft Edge Extension
  1. Now look for the suspicious extension and click on Remove
  2. Next, go to Settings by clicking on the More button. 
  3. Locate the On startup option from the left panel of your browser and click on it. 
  4. Select Open a specific page or pages and then click on Use current pages.
Microsoft Edge Settings
  1. Select the suspicious pages you want to remove and remove them.
  2. Now click on Add a new page and choose the page you want as your browser’s homepage. 
  3. Once done, go to Settings again and choose Reset settings.
How to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80016CFA
  1. Wait till the process is complete. Once completed, check if the error is resolved. 

If a faulty browser extension or a corruption error within the browser was causing the issue, resetting the browser will resolve it. 

2. Try Using CleanMyPC. 

As we have already discussed, the Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA occurs when malicious software or a virus attacks your browser. This can be dangerous, considering that the hackers can access your personal information, including bank details and identity information. 

The only solution to get rid of such viruses is by deep cleaning all the files and folders within the system. While this can be done both manually and using third-party apps, we recommend running a scan using a reliable third-party app to save both time and energy. 

There are more than one PC cleaner available online, and with that many options available, we sometimes tend to get confused. If you are confused about which cleaner to use, we highly recommend using CleanMyPC

Install CleanMyPC on your PC

CleanMyPC runs scans through the system, including folders such as the Windows Registry. It will alert you if any corruption errors or viruses are identified and will eliminate them automatically. 

Apart from cleaning the junk files, you can also use it to enhance performance, increase speed, and protect your online privacy. Install CleanMyPC now and give your computer a much-needed performance boost!

Try CleanMyPC Now!

3. Uninstall the Faulty Application. 

If you started facing Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA after installing a specific application, then there are chances that the recently installed app is corrupt. In this case, we encourage you to go ahead and uninstall the application, as simply eliminating the corrupt files would not work. 

If you eliminate the corrupt files but do not uninstall the application, the program will most likely infect your system again. 

Here is how you can uninstall the faulty application:

  1. Launch a Run dialogue box by pressing Windows + R keys simultaneously. 
  2. Type ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the text field and hit Enter. Doing so will launch the Programs and Features window. 
  3. Now locate the suspicious program and right-click on it. 
Fix Microsoft Error Code 0x426-0x0
  1. Click Uninstall and follow the on-screen instruction to uninstall the application. 

That’s it. Hopefully, you will not face the Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA on your browser again. 

This wraps up our guide on fixing the Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA. We tried to walk you through the steps in detail and hope that our troubleshooting steps helped resolve the issue. If you have questions regarding the troubleshooting methods, please let us know in the comment section below.  

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