How to Fix Zoom App Not Working on iPhone 14 Pro

Are you having trouble with the Zoom app not working on iPhone 14 Pro?

Zoom offers a web-based service and an application for your smart gadget to host virtual meetings, webinars, audio or video calls, conferences, and more. The service gained popularity during the recent pandemic as remote communication became increasingly important.

But like all other software, Zoom is no exception to encountering issues. Numerous reports have been posted lately about the Zoom app not working on iPhone 14 Pro.

If you’re in a similar situation, you’ve luckily landed on the right page. Below, we’ve discussed all the possible fixes for all potential errors causing the Zoom app not to work on your latest iPhone. 

So what’s the wait for? Let’s jump straight in!

1. Check If Zoom Servers Are Down.

Before you go to some of the troubleshooting steps explained in this guide, let’s first make sure whether the problem lies on your end or in the Zoom servers, as they may occasionally go down. When that happens, all services the application offers will no longer be operational until and unless the official servers are back up and running. 

To do so, you can go to the Zoom Status page and look at which of the Zoom services are operational. Alternatively, you may use an online tool like DownDetector to find out if anything is wrong from the developer’s end.

2. Relaunch the App.

In case the application becomes unresponsive and gets stuck in the middle of a conference or a call, something as simple as closing and relaunching the application might fix the issue for you. If you feel a lag in your device’s overall performance, we recommend you close all the running apps to minimize background activity. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view App Launcher.
  2. Then flick the Zoom app upwards so that it disappears. Quit the remaining apps as well, as they could interfere with and affect the application’s performance.
Zoom app in app launcher
  1. Wait for a bit, then tap on the Zoom app to relaunch it.

Then check and see if the issue you were facing earlier has been resolved.

3. Restart Your Device.

You’ll be surprised by how many problems a simple reboot of the device can resolve. By doing so, your Zoom app will refresh all its services and connections, hopefully eliminating whatever is affecting its functionality. But before you proceed with this method, we recommend you quit the Zoom app, as explained above.

Afterward, use the instructions below to restart your iPhone 14 Pro:

  1. First, press and hold the Side button and Volume button on your device.
  2. Release once the slide to power off screen appears.
Zoom App Not Working on iPhone 14 Pro
  1. Drag the slider all the way to the right to shut down your iPhone.
  2. Now, wait a few minutes before long pressing the Side button again.
  3. Let go when the Apple logo appears on the screen.
Apple logo

4. Ensure Your Network Connectivity.

Now before you take some serious steps to fix the issue, it’s best to check if you have a working internet connection. Try using Zoom on another device to check whether the internet works properly. If not, restart your router or switch to an alternate connection type. You can also contact your Internet Service Provider if the main issue lies in their provided service.

5. Update the Zoom App.

Outdated applications can become a victim of bugs and glitches in no time. If your Zoom app hasn’t been updated lately but you see a pending version, waste no time installing it as it may contain just the fix you need.

Follow the steps below to install the update from the App Store:

  1. Head over to the App Store from your iPhone. 
  2. Next, tap on the profile icon from the screen’s top-right corner. 
app store
  1. Then, scroll down to Upcoming Automatic Updates and tap on the Update button next to Zoom.
update zoom app

6. Update Your iOS.

Just like an outdated application is a cause behind unknown errors, an outdated iOS version also results in various issues within your device. The Zoom app not working on iPhone 14 Pro could be one of them. Therefore, whenever you have a new version update, never leave it pending.

Follow the steps below to install it on your device:

  1. Begin by going to the Settings app.
  2. Then, tap on General.
  3. There, select Software Update.
  4. If a new version is available, simply tap on Download and Install to begin the process.
update iOS software

7. Reinstall the App.

In case the Zoom app on your device keeps crashing the minute you launch it, deleting it and reinstalling a fresh copy will hopefully fix this issue. Other than that, it will also resolve other issues within the application, like certain areas of the app not working. 

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. To start, go to the iPhone’s home screen and press and hold the Zoom app
  2. From there, select Remove app.
Zoom App Not Working on iPhone 14 Pro
  1. Then, choose Delete App from the prompt that appears. 
  2. Now, go to the App Store from your device. 
  3. Go to the Search tab from the bottom and type in ‘zoom’ in the search bar. 
  4. From the search results, tap on Get next to Zoom to reinstall it on your iPhone. 
zoom app in app store

8. Grant the Necessary Permission.

Every app on your phone requires certain permissions to function. If the Zoom app is restricted from using the device’s camera or microphone, it may also lead to the app not working correctly on iPhone 14 Pro. Hence, ensure that you have enabled the permissions from Settings by following the steps below:

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Go to Privacy & Security
iphone privacy & security settings
  1. After that, tap on Camera.
Zoom App Not Working on iPhone 14 Pro
  1. Then, turn the toggle on for Zoom
Zoom App Not Working on iPhone 14 Pro
  1. Head back to Privacy & Security settings and tap on Microphone
microphone setting
  1. Now, switch the toggle on next to Zoom to allow it to use your device’s microphone. 
Zoom App Not Working on iPhone 14 Pro

9. Ensure Your Microphone Isn’t Mute.

Whenever you join a Zoom meeting, a pop-up immediately appears, asking you to Join using your device audio. If you accidentally close it at times, it may cause the Zoom audio not to work. 

Therefore, ensure that your device’s audio is connected to the Zoom app. If your audio is not connected, tap on Join Audio or Unmute from your screen’s lower-left corner to unmute yourself. 

unmute option on zoom

10. Contact Zoom Support.

If you’re still unable to get the Zoom app to work on your iPhone 14 Pro, your last option is to contact Zoom Support. The expert technicians there will be able to help you sort out any technical issues that may be causing your Zoom app not to work.

This ends our guide on how to fix the Zoom app not working on iPhone 14 Pro. We hope that you’ve gotten the Zoom app to work by following the methods mentioned in this guide. If you have any confusion or questions, use the comments section below. We’ll try our best to help you out. 

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