Saintlad is an independent and trusted consumer technology platform that provides expert-written, real-world technology content for more than 6 million users each year. With a team of 6 highly experienced technology professionals, Saintlad helps provide detailed guides, news, reviews, and tips that people can trust for readers around the world.

Hey there! I’m Jake Kovoor, and I started Saintlad to turn tech problems into simple fixes. We’re all about making your life easier and saving you some valuable time.

How Saintlad Came to Be

It all started back in 2015. Saintlad began as a little blog about ‘Game of Thrones’ – yes, you read that right. I was trying to compete with the big guns like Mashable and, honestly, it wasn’t going great. Then, something clicked. I wrote about fixing an iPhone stuck in Headphones Mode – a problem I had myself – and it blew up! That’s when I realized, tech was where it’s at. Now, we’ve got over 3,000 articles helping around 6 million readers every year.

Why “Saintlad”?

Funny story about the name – it wasn’t even supposed to be a tech blog at first. I was inspired by LadBible and, well, I thought Yves Saint-Laurent sounded cool. So I combined them both, and … Saintlad was born! Thought about changing it, but our readers, you guys, loved the quirkiness and the backstory. So, Saintlad it stayed!

Our Readers Are from Everywhere!

Most of our readers come from the US (60%) and the UK (20%), followed by other countries. This site now reaches over three million unique users and generates over six million pageviews every year. We have a decent following of 2K followers on X (Twitter) and 250 on Facebook. We have yet to create a YouTube channel or a LinkedIn page. However, that is in our plans for the future.

What to Expect From This Site

At Saintlad, it’s all about making you tech-savvy without the hassle. Whether you’re wrestling with Windows, muddling through Mac, or lost in Linux, we’ve got your back. We break down tech into fun, easy bits. So, if you thought tech was just for geeks, we’re here to prove you wrong!

Stay Connected

Want the latest tech tips? Easy – just hop onto our RSS feed or sign up for our newsletter. And we love chatting on Facebook and X (Twitter). LinkedIn and YouTube? They’re coming soon, so watch this space!

Meet the Team

It’s not just me here – we’ve got a bunch of tech enthusiasts making Saintlad what it is. Each one brings something special to the table.

Jake Kovoor

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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John Sixto

Content Manager and Lead Writer
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Mako Young

Staff Writer (Apple)
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Aimen Choudhry

Staff Writer (How-To)

Zainab Falak

Staff Writer (Windows)
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Zohaib Ahsan

Staff Writer (Linux)

Got Questions? Reach Out

Your thoughts, questions, comments – we love them all. Drop us a line at [email protected], and let’s talk tech.