Blank White Screen on Twitter? Here’s The Fix.

Wondering why you see a blank white screen on Twitter?

Twitter is a social media site that allows us to share our thoughts online. On Twitter, we are free to express our feelings, share our reactions, and even provide helpful information to our followers. 

Besides, Twitter is also used by celebrities and other high-profile individuals to reach out to their followers, be it for humanitarian reasons or simply checking in with their fans. 

As the years go by, Twitter is still steadily gaining new users and now has more than 330 million active monthly users.  Given the high user traffic, it is very impressive for Twitter to keep their servers stable.  

However, just like any application, Twitter is not exempted from occasional downtimes and errors. 

If you are staring at a blank white screen on Twitter right now, you are not alone. Many users are also asking about the problem, and no one can figure out why. 

Based on what we know, issues on Twitter’s servers are the main reason why this happens. 

However, other factors should also be considered when addressing this issue, like corrupted files, outdated software, and third-party programs.

Today, we’ve decided to make a simple guide to assist you in fixing the blank white screen on Twitter.

Let’s get started!



1. Check Twitter’s Servers. 

Before changing anything on your end, verify the status of Twitter’s servers first. You can use third-party sites like Downdetector to know Twitter’s current status or visit Twitter’s dedicated page that displays their servers’ status.  

If they are currently down, any changes made on your end won’t fix the problem. Unfortunately, the only option you have is to wait until Twitter can get things sorted on their end.



2. Turn Off VPN. 

If you are using VPN services, try to turn them off for now. Although VPNs provide security on your network, it can also cause problems with your connection. 

Since VPNs function by changing your IP address, your device may struggle to connect with Twitter’s servers, explaining why their app or website is not loading. 

Besides, VPNs also redirect your traffic to their servers before sending it to Twitter, which could cause delays and latency on your internet connection. 




3. Update the Twitter App. 

App developers roll out updates for their applications occasionally to ensure that it is well optimized. However, if you do not update your apps regularly, you may be running an older version of Twitter, which can no longer be supported by their servers. 

To fix this, try to update Twitter on your device. 

On Android, check out the step-by-step guide below on how to update your applications. 

  1. First, open the Google Play Store from the app drawer and access the side menu. 
  2. After that, prompt your device to check for possible updates by tapping on My Apps & Games
  3. Finally, tap the Update button next to Twitter to download its latest version. 


For iOS, you can update your applications by doing the following: 

  1. On your home screen, tap on the App Store to launch it. 
  2. Inside the App Store, tap on Updates to check for updates on all the applications installed on your device. 
  3. Lastly, if an update was detected, tap the Update button beside Twitter to download it. 


After updating Twitter, open it again to see if everything is working now. 



4. Clear Your Browsing Cache and Cookies. 

Browsers take advantage of your temporary data by storing it on your device and using it to speed up websites’ loading times. These data are called caches and cookies, which can get corrupted over time. 

If you just see a blank white screen on Twitter, try to clear your browsing data to get rid of corrupted files. 

  1. First, open your browser and go to its History tab.
  2. Inside the History tab, click on Clear Browsing Data, which should take you to another page. 
  3. Now, click the checkbox next to ‘Cached Images and Files’ and ‘Cookies and Other Site Data’
  4. Finally, change the Time Range to All Time and hit the Clear Data button to start.


Once done, go back to Twitter to check if the problem is solved. 



5. Try Another Search Browser. 

Browsers use render engines to display the contents of websites. However, every browser has its own engine that interprets the codes written on websites. The problem with this is that some websites are not optimized for a particular render engine and may not function properly. 

If you see a blank white screen on Twitter, try to use other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which has render engines compatible with most websites.



6. Reinstall the Twitter App. 

If the app on your device is not loading anything, some of its files may have gotten corrupted.  Instead of finding the corrupted files, we recommend that you just simply reinstall Twitter on your device. 

On Android, follow the steps below to reinstall Twitter. 

  1. First, unlock your device and find Twitter from the app drawer. 
  2. After that, hold down on its icon until you see the selection menu.
  3. Finally, tap on Uninstall to remove Twitter from your device. 

blank white screen on Twitter


Once done, go to the Play Store and reinstall the app from there. 

If you are using an iOS device, check out the guide below to reinstall Twitter. 

  1. On your device, go to your home screen and locate Twitter
  2. After that, press its app icon until the pop-up menu appears. 
  3. Finally, tap on Remove App to uninstall Twitter

blank white screen on Twitter


After uninstalling Twitter, go to the App Store and reinstall it. 



7. Check Your Network Connection. 

In some cases, a slow internet connection is the cause of a blank white screen on Twitter. To access Twitter, you need a stable network connection. Try to run a speed test using to verify if the problem lies on your network. 


blank white screen on Twitter


If the result indicates that your network is running slow or unstable, try to restart your router. Locate your router’s power cable and unplug it from your wall outlet. Let it rest for 5 to 10 seconds, then plug the power cable back in to turn it on.


blank white screen on Twitter


After restarting your router, run another speed test to verify if everything is in order. Contact your ISP immediately if you continue to experience problems with your network. 



8. Try Fiverr. 

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blank white screen on Twitter


Fiverr is the largest online marketplace for digital services. On Fiverr, you can either hire individuals or offer your services to others. You can find gigs from different fields like programming, editing, or content creation using Fiverr’s deep pool of clients and freelancers.

With Fiverr, you won’t have to worry about going over your budget since the cost is negotiated before the project even starts. 

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9. Report the Problem to Twitter. 

If you still see a blank white screen on Twitter at this point, we suggest that you seek the attention of Twitter’s support team. 

Try to report the problem to Twitter and hope that they can come up with a resolution fast. Be sure to include essential details on your report like your account information and the device you are using to help their support team.


blank white screen on Twitter


On the other hand, if you have issues uploading images on Twitter, kindly check our guide about this problem to help you out. 

This brings us to the end of our guide in fixing a blank white screen on Twitter. If you have other concerns, kindly voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll be happy to answer them. 


 If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂


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