How to Open Reddit Links in Apollo

open reddit links in apollo

I’m a fan of the Apollo app and it is definitely one of the very few apps that I continue to use every day on my iPhone. The only other being the Bear Notes app which is also another gorgeous app that I use to write all my content.

The Apollo app is minimalist, clean and well-designed. To me, I feel that Apollo does better at being Reddit than the actual Reddit official app where the latter feels too clunky and takes up a little too much storage on the iPhone.

One of the biggest advantages the official Reddit app had over Apollo, for a long time, has been its integration with Safari which allowed you to easily open Reddit links automatically into the app itself.

There were a few workarounds to getting the same done with Apollo, however, it was too tedious and you feel you would rather just read it in the search browser itself and not bother.

Until today, with the new Apollo version 1.4.10 update, you can now actually open Reddit links from the browser right into the Apollo app and that is what this guide is all about.

I’ll show you how you can open Reddit links into Apollo app quickly as well as share a few bonus workarounds that you can try as well. 

Let’s get right to it.




1.  The “Open in Apollo app” Button.

Step 1:  Jump into your Safari or Google app and then search for any Reddit link that you want to open in the Apollo app. 


open reddit links in apollo


Step 2:  Next, tap on the center icon which looks like a bow with an upwards arrow in it (this is the Share button).


open reddit links in apollo


Step 3:  Then what you do is, do you see those options like Add to Reading List, Add to Bookmark, Add to Favorites? Yes, swipe to your left all the way to end where you should see a More button. Tap on the More button.


open reddit links in apollo


Step 4:  Great! Now all you have to do is look for the setting Open in Apollo and turn the setting on.


open reddit links in apollo



If you do not see the Open in Apollo option, then you need to update the Apollo app by jumping into your App Store, tapping Updates, and then updating the Apollo app to the new version 1.4.10. You will see the option once you’ve updated. 


Step 5:  You can now open any Reddit link straight into the Apollo app all by just opening the link and then clicking on the Open in Apollo button. 🙂


open reddit links in apollo



A workaround that you can try is to copy the Reddit URL link that you want to open in Apollo and then jump into Apollo to open the link when you’re prompted. 

The app will say,

“Reddit Link Detected, You have a Reddit link on your clipboard. Would you like to open it?”


open reddit links in apollo


Just click Open and Voila! You’ll be brought to the Apollo version of the Reddit link you were reading.



Most Reddit links on Google are a little different because they are in the form of AMP — meaning it has “Google” in the URL and not “Reddit”. As a result of this, the Apollo app gets confused and cannot open AMP Reddit pages because it doesn’t know which page to redirect it to. So what you need to do is click on the top little link icon and then click on the official Reddit link. From there you can copy the link and then have it opened in Apollo app.


open reddit links in apollo



3.  Using the Apple Shortcuts App

This is another workaround to open any Reddit link in Apollo app and it uses Apple’s Shortcuts app.

To do this, first, you must have the Shortcuts app installed on your iPhone. If you haven’t installed it, you can install Shortcuts app from here which I have linked.

Once you have installed, you need to download the following shortcut: Open in Apollo shortcut. It’s hosted on iCloud so it’s perfectly safe. 🙂

This is the “shortcut” that allows you to open Reddit links into your Apollo app. Once you have installed the shortcut, open up any Reddit link and then click on the little bow with the up-arrow icon at the bottom (the Share button).

From there scroll all the way to end and then tap More. 


Look for the Shortcuts option in the list and then turn it on.


open reddit links in apollo


Finally, simply open any Reddit link into your Apollo app just by clicking on the little box with the arrow icon and then clicking Shortcuts.


open reddit links in apollo


From there select the shortcut “Open in Apollo” and then there you have it! 🙂


open reddit links in apollo


It’s a slightly longer approach but still a worthy workaround. 


That’s it! 



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