How to Fix Video Sound Not Working on iPhone

Wondering how to fix Video sound not working on iPhone?

iPhone is known for its excellent audio and video recording capabilities. Although with its highly efficient camera and microphone, this Apple device is prone to errors and issues.

One such problem is the video sound not working on the iPhone. You might hear crackling or static noises instead of proper video sounds.

There are several reasons behind this problem, such as a software issue or glitch, an outdated iOS version, or a malfunctioning microphone.

To fix this issue, you must first identify the root cause, then perform any of the troubleshooting fixes mentioned below in the guide.

So, let’s begin!

1. Ensure the Video is Unmuted.

The first and basic solution to fix video sound not working on iPhone is to ensure that your video is unmuted. Sometimes, the iPhone opens videos in mute mode. Hence, you must check to see if the video in question is mute or unmute.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Photos app from your iPhone. 
  2. Next, tap on a video that you wish to play. 
  3. Select the Unmute icon from the bottom to play its sound. 
Video Sound Not Working on iPhone

If the sound doesn’t work, head to the next method from this guide to fix your problem.

2. Adjust the Ringer and Volume.

The next solution is adjusting the Ringer and Volume buttons. You may have muted the ringer or turned down the volume too low for various reasons and can now not hear the sound of a video.

By adjusting the volume and ensuring your iPhone isn’t on Silent mode, no sound will be blocked, and you will be able to hear the sound of the video properly.

To adjust Ringer and Volume, follow the steps below:

  1. First, switch the Ringer on and off.
  2. Then, adjust the volume by using the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons
  3. Also, swipe down from the top right corner of your screen to access the Control Center. Swipe up on the volume bar to increase the media volume.
Video Sound Not Working on iPhone

You should now hear the video sound without any problem.

3. Disconnect Bluetooth Devices.

When an iPhone is connected to any Bluetooth device, it does not emit any sound from its speakers. So, if you cannot hear video sounds, ensure that no device is connected via your iPhone’s Bluetooth.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Settings from your iPhone. 
  2. After that, tap on Bluetooth
  3. Turn off the toggle for Bluetooth
iphone bluetooth settings

Now, try playing a video, and the sound should be working fine now. 

4. Remove External Devices.

If there is any external device attached to your iPhone, it can interfere with the video’s audio or your iPhone’s speakers, resulting in no video sound. Ensure no external device, such as a microphone, Bluetooth, etc., is connected to your iPhone for effective video playbacks.

5. Remove the Case.

Sometimes, the device case interferes with the Ringer or volume buttons causing the volume to go down or accidentally enabling Silent mode. The case may also block the microphone, which results in the recording of muffled noises in a video.

Video Sound Not Working on iPhone

Therefore, removing the case will eliminate all these issues and allow for effective audio recording and video playback with proper volume.

6. Clean the Mic and Speakers.

If the video sound is not working on your iPhone due to a problem with the mic or speakers, then cleaning them will likely solve the issue. That is because your device collects dirt and dust particles over the years, which can block the microphone or speaker holes.

Video Sound Not Working on iPhone

You can ensure proper audio and video recording by cleaning your iPhone mic and speakers. You may use Q-tips or toothbrush bristles for this purpose.

7. Run the Music App.

Software glitches can also be the reason behind video sound not working on your iPhone. You can reset the audio settings of your device by launching the Music app, playing a song, then closing it.

music app iphone

If it fails to resolve the issue, go to the next method. 

8. Disable DND Mode.

The Do Not Disturb mode puts your device on Silent, blocking any sound. So, if a video cannot play any sound, check whether this feature is on. If DND mode is the cause of this issue, then simply turning it off will fix the problem.

Follow the steps mentioned below to disable DND mode:

  1. Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to access the Control Center
  2. Now, tap on the Focus icon to disable the Do Not Disturb mode. 
do not disturb in control center

This should fix the Video sound not working on an iPhone issue. 

9. Update Your iOS.

Several bugs and glitches can cause various errors on your iPhone, such as Video sound not working on your iPhone. This can simply be fixed by updating your iPhone’s software. It’s also important to check for iOS updates occasionally to keep your software version up to date. 

Here’s what you must do:

  1. Go to Settings from your device. 
  2. Select General and tap on Software Update
iphone general settings
  1. Wait for Apple to check for any pending updates. 
  2. If you find one available, tap on Download & Install to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. 

Updating an iPhone takes up to 30 minutes or so and some storage space. Hence, you must have sufficient battery and device storage before downloading and installing the update. 

10. Reset your iPhone.

Sometimes, your iPhone can malfunction due to the accumulation of files, data, and cache over years of use. Performing a factory reset helps eliminate issues related to the device’s software.

If video sound is not working on your iPhone and none of the methods previously mentioned work, then resetting your device may resolve the issue. However, it should be considered as a last option.

To reset your phone, perform the following actions:

  1. Open Settings and click on General
  2. Next, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone
  3. Select Reset and choose Reset All Settings
Video Sound Not Working on iPhone

Remember that resetting your iPhone brings all network settings, privacy settings, location settings, etc., to default. However, all your personal data, files, and media will not be affected. 

11. Contact Apple Support.

If your iPhone has a hardware-related problem, such that the microphone or speaker components are damaged, it’s best to contact Apple Support. Simply take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store, and the expert technicians there will diagnose and solve your issue quickly. 

This sums up our guide on how to fix Video sound not working on iPhone. We hope the methods mentioned in this guide have successfully solved your issue. If you have any queries, use the comments section below. We’ll be happy to assist you further. 

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