How to Change Standby Mode’s Timezone on iOS 17

iOS 17’s new standby mode turns your phone into a night desk. 

However, some users are experiencing issues with standby mode showing the wrong time

For some reason, standby mode uses a different timezone from your iPhone’s date and time settings.

Today, I’ll show you how to change standby mode’s timezone on iOS 17. 

Let’s begin!

Changing Standby Mode’s Timezone

You can add different widgets to standby mode, like clocks, reminders, and calendars.

As it turns out, the clock widget uses a separate timezone setting, explaining why it’s showing a different time. 

Here’s how you can change the clock’s timezone: 

  1. While in Standby Mode, press and hold on the watch’s face to enter edit mode.
  2. Tap on the clock widget you want to update. 
change standby mode timezone
  1. Select the location/timezone you want to use.

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Standby Mode Time Not Changing? 

If the clock still shows a different timezone from what you’ve selected, you need to force restart the widget. 

  1. In Standby Mode, press and hold on the watch’s face to enter edit mode. 
  2. Tap the (-) icon in the upper left corner of the clock widget to delete it. 
change standby mode timezone
  1. Now, tap the (+) icon and add a new clock widget. 
change standby mode timezone
  1. Select the timezone/location you want to use. 
  2. Tap Done to save the changes. 

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How does Standby Mode work in iOS 17?

Standby Mode is a feature that shows customizable information on your screen when your iPhone is charging or docked. You need to put your iPhone in landscape orientation, and Standby mode will automatically show up after a few seconds. 

What devices are supported by Standby?

All iPhones that received iOS 17 have the standby feature. This means that all iPhones released after the iPhone XR are supported. 

How do you change the lock screen time on iOS 17?

The date and time displayed on the lock screen are set automatically based on your location. You can also manually adjust them by going to Settings > General > Date & Time. 

Most Reddit users changed the Standby mode’s timezone by selecting a different city from the clock widget. The date and time setting on your phone is different from the timezone used on standby mode, which defaults to Cupertino. 

Why is StandBy mode red iOS 17?

iOS 17’s standby mode turns red in low-light situations or when you’ve enabled night mode. You can disable this feature or customize the display according to your preference. While in standby mode, press anywhere on your screen until you enter “edit” mode. 

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