How to Fix “You Are Not Signed in to Apple Music” Error

Fix "You Are Not Signed in to Apple Music" Error

You kick back, relax and you open up your Apple Music to listen to some cool track and what’s the first thing you find?

A bitch-slap on the face with an error saying, 

“The song “Bohemian Rhapsody” cannot be played because you are not signed in to Apple Music.”

fix "You are not signed in to Apple Music" error

Of course, by following the instructions, you try again to see if you can sign into your Apple Music properly this time. 

But nope. Same error. At this point, you’re just contemplating how shitty Apple Music is and was it worth choosing it over Spotify. 🤔

Anyways, there are a few workarounds to this error and based on submissions from our amazing readers, a little personal research and some in-field “testing”, this guide contains solutions that you can try to hopefully fix this “You Are Not Signed into Apple Music” error you’ve been getting as of late.

Let’s dive in right in.



How to Fix “Not Signed in to Apple Music” Error: 9 Ways


1.  Update your iTunes. 

This is a bug and others would probably have faced the error as well just like you.

So chances are, Apple may have already fixed this bug. This means the first thing you should make sure to do is to install the latest version of Apple iTunes.

You can download the latest version from above (I have linked directly to the page).

If you already have iTunes installed on your Windows PC or Mac you can also choose to check for any updates and follow up by installing any available ones.

Here’s how:

If you’re on Windows PC.
  • If you got iTunes from Apple’s website, simply open up your iTunes, then click Help and then Check for Updates.
  • If you got iTunes from the Microsoft Store, then simply check for updates on the iTunes app there.


If you’re on a Mac.

Simply, jump into your System Preferences and then click Software Updates to check for any new updates with iTunes.

Once you see a new update available, proceed to install them and then try once again to select the song that you intended to play in your Apple Music.


Fix "You Are Not Signed in to Apple Music" Error



2.  The Switcheroo.

This is a pretty quick trick that many of our readers have found to work to fix the Not Signed into Apple Music issue.

Here’s what you do is:

  1. Head over into your Apple Music and select the Radio button located in the top-center part of your iTunes window.

Fix "You Are Not Signed in to Apple Music" Error


  1. Then just select some random radio station to start listening. Enter your Apple ID password if prompted (this is where Apple Music and iTunes come to understand whether you’re signed in or not) and then try once again to listen to some music.



3.  View the Song in Apple Music.

One other way you can try is to take note of the song that you were just listening to that threw the “You Are Not Signed into Apple Music” error. Then go back to that song that is located in your iTunes library, right-click it and select Show in Apple Music.

This method helps to open the song in Apple Music, which should play without issue.  


View Song in Apple Music



4.  You may have a corrupt cache folder called SubscriptionPlayCache.

A solution that has managed to work personally for me to delete a cache folder called SubscriptionPlayCache that became corrupt.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First up go ahead quit your iTunes. Make sure you close the window completely.
  2. Next, go into your Finder and then click on the Go menu to open up the Go to Folder tool. You can also, alternatively, press your Shift + Command + G keys to bring this tool up.
  3. Next, enter the following link into the Go to Folder and then hit Go:


  1. Once you’ve found the folder, simply Delete the folder.



Deleting this folder will not delete any of your data. It is a folder that just stored temporary files that your iTunes uses.


  1. Finally, restart iTunes. You should be able to play any song in Apple Music without getting “The song cannot be played … “ error again.



5.  Remove Downloads.

If you were listening to music that you had downloaded, then try removing the download and then downloading them again.

  1. To remove your downloaded music, simply control/right-click the song and then select Remove Download. 



This will not remove the item permanently. You still can access it from your Music Library.


  1. Once you’ve removed the downloaded song you’ll see a cloud icon appear right next to it. You can go ahead download the song again and try playing it.

What that said, you can also just …


6.  Delete the Song(s) and Add it Back.

Deleting the song(s) entirely from your library and then adding them back again can also help patch up the song(s) that has caused the error to pop up.

To delete a song, simply go into your library, Control/right-click on the song, select Delete from Library and then hit Delete.

Once the song has been deleted, you can add it back by heading into your Apple Music and then control/right-clicking the deleted song(s) to be added back into your library.



7.  Sign Out, Sign In.

The root problem with this error lies in what it says, which is that it does not recognize that you’re “signed in to Apple Music”.

Signing it out of iTunes and then signing back in can help force the system to come to terms that you actually DO have a valid Apple Music membership.

Don’t know how to sign in and sign out of your iTunes? Here’s how:

  1. Jump into your iTunes, go to Account at the very top menu and then hit the Sign Out button from the drop-down list.
  2. Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID password before you get completely signed out of iTunes.
  3. Close your iTunes completely and proceed to restart the machine. Restarting your computer helps clear its memory and boot up fresh.
  4. When your computer opens up again, open your iTunes again, go to Account at the top menu and then select to Sign In. Enter with your Apple ID and password.

Once carried out the above process,  you can go ahead to play a song to see if the error has been fixed.



If your iTunes music library is empty, simply open up the iTunes Preferences option in iTunes and then check the box for iCloud Music Library. This helps your iTunes to load up your old music library.

If the above method worked, great! If not, we still have one final trick up our sleeve and that is to uninstall and reinstall iTunes from your computer. 

I’ll show you how to do this next.



8.  Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes.

Uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes from your computer can help kick some sense into iTunes to start recognizing when you’re signed into your Apple Music as well as fix up any errors and patches that may have plagued the software.

It takes less than 3 minutes to do this entirely, so it is worth a try. 

I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to uninstall and reinstall iTunes whether you’re on a Windows PC or a Mac:

If you’re on Windows PC.
  1. Go to Start (bottom-left hand corner) and search for Settings.
  2. Next, click Apps.
  3. Finally, simply look for iTunes in the list of apps. Once you’ve found it, click it and hit the Uninstall button to completely remove iTunes from your PC.


If you’re on a Mac.
  1. Open up the Finder and then jump into Applications.
  2. Next, find iTunes in the list of Applications.
  3. Finally, simply drag and drop iTunes into your Trash. Don’t forget to Empty the Trash! ☝

Once you’ve removed iTunes completely from either your Windows PC or Mac, simply restart your machine and then jump back to Apple’s iTunes page to reinstall iTunes back.


Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes.


Doing this will install the latest version of iTunes as well as help patch up any errors you may have had like “you are not signed in to Apple Music”.



9.  Reach Out to Apple. 

If you tried all of the methods out (or even just most of them), then this could be an ongoing issue for some that Apple may or may not already be working on.

It helps to reach out to Apple and let them know that you’re having this particular issue with your iTunes and Apple Music so that they can release an update as soon as possible with a possible fix.

You may visit your nearest Apple Store to seek help but most likely they will carry out similar solutions to try and fix it.

Did one of the above methods work for you? Comment down below and help out others who are seeking the same exact solutions as you did. Every little help counts. 🙂


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  1. it worked for me when I deleted the folder “SubscriptionPlayCache” on Win10.
    I couldn’t locate the folder at first then I went to “search this PC” I’ve paste the folder name till it shows up and deleted it, opened my ITunes again & problem solved.

    appreciate your efforts.

  2. The switcheroo helped.
    Click Radio, played some random station, click back into Library and LO AND BEHOLD, everything playing normally
    Thank you so much for this article dude.

    And @Apple – fuck you in the ass guys, with your resources, having this bug STILL present in current AppMusic, you are being so fucking lazy to check app logs and find out where the auth bug is, you are just dickwads.
    But alas, there is no more Steve Jobs to buttfuck you, a pity.

  3. 6/3/2020

    Deleting ‘SubscriptionPlayCache’ worked; had to do it a week or so after getting my new MacBook Air 2020.

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