How to Fix When iPhone Won’t Ring

Wait, did someone just call you?
iphone does not ring

It’s annoying to find that you have 5 missed calls on your iPhone when you didn’t even know that your iPhone rang in the first place. 

Then you’ve got to explain to all those people that you missed saying that ironically your iPhone sucks at being a phone.

This has happened quite a lot for me too and in this guide, I’ll be showing you a few quick and simple methods on how to fix when your iPhone does not ring. 🙂

Let’s dive right in.


  1. Flip the Ring/Silent Switch
  2. Turning Off Your Do Not Disturb Button
  3. No Volume. No Calls
  4. Maybe it’s Stuck in Headphones Mode
  5. Restart Your iPhone and Test
  6. Try Turning Off Vibration
  7. Update Your iPhone


How to Fix iPhone Does Not Ring: 7 Ways


1.  Flip the Ring/Silent Switch.

Take a look on the side of your iPhone and see whether you see an orange stripe on your Ring/Silent switch. 


iphone does not ring
The difference between Ring and Silent.



If you see the orange stripe then that means your iPhone is set to Silent. Just flip the switch and you will be able to see on your iPhone screen your Ringer volume icon, which means now you will be able to hear any of your calls.

If you still manage to find that your iPhone won’t ring,  then don’t worry there are still a few more methods that we can try out which should surely fix it. 🙂




2.  Turning Off Your Do Not Disturb Button.

Do you see a moon in the top right-hand corner of your screen right next to your battery? Then that means you’re iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

You see when you turn on Do Not Disturb, your iPhone is not going to disturb you with all your incoming calls and it’ll remain silent the entire time.

Here’s how you can turn this off:


Turning Do Not Disturb Off in Your Control Center

Step 1:  Swipe up on your iPhone screen to bring up your Control Center.


iphone does not ring



Step 2:  Do you see the purple moon-shaped icon? Alright. All you have to do is just tap on it to turn it off.


iphone does not ring



Turning Do Not Disturb Off in Your Settings 

Step 1:  Head over to your Settings app and scroll down a little until your see Do Not Disturb (which is right under your Control Centre).


iphone does not ring



Step 2:  Tap on the slider next to Manual to turn it Off.


iphone does not ring



iphone does not ring




3.  No Volume. No Calls.

How are you supposed to listen to your calls if your volume is set so low? So go ahead and increase your volume by using your Volume buttons which is to your side of your iPhone.

Once again, try to test out your iPhone by calling it and see if it rings.



4.  Maybe it’s Stuck in Headphones Mode.

Basically, this usually happens when you are using your earphones or headphones with your iPhone. What happens is your iPhone can “forget” that you unsynced or removed the external earphones/headphones causing it to be stuck in a state where it still thinks that your earphones/headphones are still synced and plugged in.

I have written a guide on how you can fix an iPhone that’s stuck in Headphones Mode. It’s a good read, with tons of comments and feedback from our readers with their own solutions and experiences. 🙂



5.  Restart Your iPhone and Test.

Go ahead and give your iPhone a restart by turning it off and then back on again. Once you’ve done that test it out by:

Step 1:  Heading to your Settings app and then tapping on Sounds.


iphone does not ring



Step 2:  Next tap on Ringtone which is under the Sounds and Vibration Patterns.


iphone does not ring



Step 3:  Test out by selecting any ringtone and listen to whether your iPhone does manage to produce the sound.


iphone does not ring



6.  Try Turning Off Vibration.

You can also try turning off your vibration and see if that does the trick.

Here’s how:

Step 1:  Head over to your Settings app then scroll down a little until you see Sounds.


Step 2:  Tap on Sounds and then turn off both Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent buttons.


iphone does not ring



iphone does not ring



Step 3:  Try testing your iPhone once again. 



7.  Update Your iPhone.

Just like how you would give your car up for servicing, it’s important to keep your iPhone updated. 

So go ahead and make sure to update your iPhone when you get the chance.

If you don’t know how to update your iPhone, all you have to do is just:

Step 1:  Head over to your Settings and then General.


iphone does not ring



Step 2:  Tap on Software Update.


iphone does not ring



Step 3:  If you see an update that’s waiting for your permission to proceed then all you have to do is just tap on Install Now. You’re done!


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    1. Mine won’t ring when my SE is locked and NOT happy about it. Have not found a way to change that either! Any ideas?

    1. YES!! Thank you for telling us about the switch on the side of the phone! My phone was switched OFF!
      This made my day

  1. Thank you sooo much. You just made my day. Was confused on wat to do until i found dis awesome site. God bless ya!

  2. Many, many thanks. I was going bonkers trying to figure out this “no vibrate” problem. Checked out a half dozen other websites – with no luck – before I found this one.

    1. Mine was number one too. Just had an Apple Genius replace my battery yesterday. They must have turned off the ringer during their two hours of replacing the battery. Thanks for your help.

  3. Thank you. But what about “silence” in Do Not Disturb? There’s a mandatory check mark for either Always or While iPhone is locked. I can’t eliminate it.

  4. Thanks. Very helpful. In my case the manual setting for do not disturb was off so I turned it on and now my phone rings and I get message tones.

  5. Thank you. Have been searching my phone settings, enlisted help from two other people and nobody knew about the little switch on the side of the phone.

    1. Thanks so much! This has been driving me crazy. Mine ended up being the switch on the side of the phone that I never even knew was there.

  6. Awesome! Thank you! I had already checked settings but DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE ORANGE SWITCH!!! Good work

  7. Thank you so much! It was very elaborate and helpful. Got my ringer sound back. However the ringer sound drops very significantly after the initial phrase. Do you have any clue?

  8. First solution worked a treat – new to iPhones and my wife missed some calls as the switch was on silent.
    As an Android user I am wondering why on earth have a separate switch!
    Anyway, all sorted so many thanks.

  9. THANK YOU!! The button on the left side was on off. I spent hours pouring over google searches. A couple mentioned that button but I thought they were talking about something on the screen. You are the only one that included a picture. It was as easy as that. The button got moved when my hubby took the case off. So easy but so frustrating. You saved me a trip to the Apple store. Thank you!!!!

    1. I think for rush silencing perhaps. That moment you can’t open your phone or emulate any light and must turn your volume off.

  10. Husband on emergency trip hard-dropped iPhone (in a serious case too) and it stopped ringing or vibrating. His voicemail gave Full Message too. His local phone tech, the wife, spent 3 days researching. Found your excellent tutorial early this am. He called me from the road and I told him I would send your pic but just hearing the Fix he got his ringer back! I’ve been reading for days w/o finding this.
    (The full voicemail thing was hard too. Apple support forum so many had spent hours on phone with Apple or Their carrier, but one guy told that all your DELETED messages are still creeping and you have to go to deleted then Clear All. Another great fix!)

  11. Super Helpful! It was the silent button on the side. I will mention that my life proof case flips it to silent every time I put it on, but you can actually turn it back off if you get a good grip over the spot on the case with your fingernail and slide it back to make it ring.

  12. Thank you. I tried everything until I realized all this time that the silent button to the side was switched on. How silly of me!

  13. well, the little “ring/silent” button was flipped, under my otter case. no orange stripe, but it was easy to figure out, once i just flipped it a few times, and found it really did move. thanks, for this easy fix.

  14. Thank you for this comprehensive diagnostic and solutions tool. You have tips that others don’t mention and solutions that work immediately. God bless you for your service.

    1. I can’t believe how many sites I visited to find out the cause of the issue and this one pointed me right to the issue. (Button was on silent on the side of the phone.) I almost re-set my phone to factory settings – went through the process of doing this long backup. (Not a bad idea. I don’t like storing my stuff in the cloud so backing up occasionally is a good idea.)

      Thank you! I really can’t thank you enough!

  15. Unbelievable I didn’t even know that silent switch was on the side of my phone thanks you have saved my sanity.

  16. I have done all the things in your article and the iPhone still does not ring. The only way I know I have a call coming in is if I am looking at the screen to see it light up when a call comes in. I just switched from a iPhone 7 to the Xr because the 7 was doing the same thing after the last 2 updates. So after the latest updates the iPhone is now a piece of garbage.

  17. Thank you a million times!! My new iPhone XS MAX has worked perfectly since I bought it 11 months ago. It worked so well that I had forgotten all about that lil button on the side of the phone, above the volume. Yes, indeed, my orange button was showing!! Thx again. I change cases all the time. I changed my case 3days ago, ironically the day it stopped ringing!!

  18. THANK YOU! I’m usually pretty good about troubleshooting, but I too had forgotten that little orange button. I’ve missed so many calls! I think it happened when I took my phone out of its case, as someone else suggested.

  19. One more… if you turn on the new feature under IOS 13, “Silence Unknown Callers” and subsequently forget about it, then it will drive you bonkers why you keep missing calls (all those calls that suddenly pop up in the recent call list and/or go straight to voice mail). With this setting on, only calls from people in your contacts ring through; everybody else gets sent to voicemail.

    I completely forgot that there was such a setting and that I’d turned it on. So it was driving me nuts why I would see calls popping up as just missed or see a new voicemail pop up and I didn’t even hear the phone ring (or vibrate). Oh well…

  20. I just had to come to drop a comment cos it does help. I’ve been worried for days now and it happened to be my Side button (Method 1). Thanks a lot.

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a ring/silent switch, and NO ONE else mentioned it. I kept reading that I needed to turn off my Do Not Disturb button, which of course was the first thing I tried. In seconds you helped this non-techie fix a month long problem. You rock!

  22. Thanks so much, my grandson must have set the phone to ring/silent, and as soon as I saw your magic word “orange” I knew what had happened!!!!!!!!

  23. Thank you so very much! I spent much of my day trying to figure out why I was not hearing my phone ring. I kept going to settings over and over again.

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