Wait, did someone call you just now?


Oh right.


You didn’t pick up because you didn’t know did you?


Well, it could be because your iPhone would have been on vibration instead of ringing which explains why you might not have known.


It’s alright. 🙂


I’ll show you how to fix when your iPhone does not ring. 






How to Fix iPhone Does Not Ring: 7 Ways



1.  Flip the Ring/Silent Switch


Take a look on the side of your iPhone and see whether you see an orange stripe on your Ring/Silent switch. 


iphone does not ring




See it?


Alright if you see the orange stripe then that means your iPhone is set to Silent. 


Just flip the switch and you will be able to see on your iPhone screen your Ringer volume icon, which means now you’ll be able to hear any of your calls. 🙂





2.  Turn Off Your Do Not Disturb   iphone does not ring


Do you see a moon in the top right hand corner of your screen right next to your battery?




Then that means you’re iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode.


You see when you turn on Do Not Disturb, your iPhone is not going to disturb you with all your incoming calls and it’ll remain silent the entire time.


Here’s how you can turn this off:



Turning Do Not Disturb Off in Your Control Centre


Step 1:  Swipe up on your iPhone screen to bring up your Control Centre (ya know the handy bar where you manage your volume and your screen’s brightness?)


iphone does not ring





Step 2:  Do you see the purple moon shaped icon? Alright. All you have to do is just tap on it to turn it off.


iphone does not ring










Turning Do Not Disturb Off in Your Settings 


Step 1:  Head over to your Settings app and scroll down a little until your see Do Not Disturb (which is right under your Control Centre).


iphone does not ring





Step 2:  Tap on the slider next to Manual to turn it Off.


iphone does not ring




iphone does not ring





3.  No Volume. No Calls.


How are you supposed to listen to your calls if your volume is set so low?


That’s right.


Go ahead and increase your volume by using your volume buttons which is to your side of your iPhone.


iphone does not ring





4.  Maybe it’s Stuck in Headphones Mode.


I have written a quick and simple guide on how you can fix an iPhone that’s stuck in Headphones Mode. (seriously it’s worth a read)


How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode





5.  Restart Your iPhone and Test.


Go ahead and give your iPhone a restart by turning it off and then back on again.


Once you’ve done that test it out by:


Step 1:  Heading to your Settings app and then tapping on Sounds.


iphone does not ring






Step 2:  Next tap on Ringtone which is under the Sounds and Vibration Patterns.


iphone does not ring





Step 3:  Test out by selecting any ringtone and listen whether your iPhone does manage to produce the sound.


iphone does not ring





6.  Try Turning Off Vibration 


You can also try turning off your vibration and see if that does the trick. (besides you can always enable it back)


Here’s how:


Step 1:  Head over to your Settings app then scroll down a little until you see Sounds.


iphone does not ring
Wondering why there’s a 1 next to General? I’ll explain in a second.





Step 2:  Tap on Sounds and then turn off both Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent buttons.


iphone does not ring




iphone does not ring





Step 3:  Try testing your iPhone once again. 






7.  Update Your iPhone.


More often than not and you might not actually realize this..


Apple does put a lot of effort into keeping your iOS and your iPhone safe and bug-free.


And they can only help you with that if you allow them to do so, which is to update your iPhone to the latest updates from time to time.


So go ahead and make sure to update your iPhone when you get the chance.


If you don’t know how to update your iPhone, all you have to do is just:


Step 1:  Head over to your Settings and then General.


iphone does not ring





Step 2:  Tap on Software Update.


iphone does not ring





Step 3:  If you see an update that’s waiting for your permission to proceed then all you have to do is just tap on Install Now (and the rest will take care of itself. Go grab some tacos while you’re at it).





That’s it!





Share this guide with your family and friends so that they can fix their iPhones when it doesn’t ring. (who knows, maybe even it’ll be a life saver someday)  🙂




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