5 Ways to Prevent Accidental Calling of Favorites on iOS After Hang Up

Ever accidentally called someone from your Favorites section immediately after hanging up on your iPhone?

This is a common issue among iPhone users that was made worse by the delay in the screen transition after ending a call. 

Recent updates have eliminated this problem. However, it causes users to instantly return to their previous screen—often their call history or favorites list. 

In this post, I’ll share some effective tricks to prevent these accidental calls.

Let’s begin!

TL;DR Version

If you want to avoid calling your favorites after ending a call, try these:

  1. Use the Side Button to Hang Up
  2. Let the Other Person End the Call
  3. Create A Dummy Contact
  4. Update Your iPhone
  5. Report the Issue to Apple

1. Use the Side Button to Hang Up 

The latest update causes your iPhone to revert to the previous screen once the other person hangs up. This can lead to accidental calls if you mistakenly tap a contact or call history entry.

To prevent this, you can end calls using the side button. Should the side button fail, adjust your settings as follows: 

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Accessibility
  3. Select Touch under the Physical and Motor section. 
  4. Turn off  Prevent Lock to End Call

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2. Let the Other Person End the Call

To avoid accidental calls, consider waiting for the other person to hang up, especially if you’re not in a hurry. This way, you eliminate the risk of inadvertently making a call since you won’t need to press the end call button.

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3. Create A Dummy Contact

This method is effective if you often find yourself accidentally calling the same person after ending a call.  Create a dummy contact and place it at the top of your list, above any contacts you frequently call by mistake. While this still triggers a call, it won’t inconvenience anyone.


To add a dummy contact to your favorites, iOS requires it to have a phone number. Use a placeholder number, such as +999999, to meet this requirement.  

4. Update Your iPhone to the Latest Version

As user feedback on this issue accumulates, it’s likely that Apple will take notice and develop a solution. 

To check for updates:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone. 
  2. Go to General > Software Update
  3. If an update is available, select Download and Install
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
contact photo and posters disabled on ios 17

Important Notes

  • The device can restart multiple times during the update process. 
  • Ensure your iPhone is at least 50% charged, or keep it connected to a charger to prevent interruptions. 
  • Allow at least 15 minutes for the installation to complete, particularly for significant updates (e.g. iOS 15 to iOS 16).

For automatic updates:

  1. Open Settings. 
  2. Go to General > Software Update > Automatic Updates
  3. Turn on Download iOS Updates and Install iOS Updates
Auto Update

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5. Submit A Feedback to Apple

If the issue persists, submitting a feedback to Apple can be helpful. Your feedback not only contributes to a quicker fix but also aids Apple in understanding the issue more comprehensively. 


How do you stop accidentally calling someone on your iPhone?

To prevent your iPhone from making accidental calls while in your pocket or bag, consider the following steps: 

  1. Lock your iPhone.
  2. Shorten the Auto-lock time.
  3. Turn off Raise to Wake feature.
  4. Disable making Calls from the Lock Screen.

How do I stop my iPhone from accidentally hanging up?

Accidental hang-ups on your iPhone often occur thanks to the side button. If you don’t want this to happen:

  1. Open the Settings app. 
  2. Select Accessibility
  3. Choose Touch under Physical and Motor. 
  4. Activate Prevent Lock to End Call

What happens if you accidentally call someone and hang up right away?

If you hang up immediately or before hearing the dial tone, the person you’re calling won’t receive a notification.

How many rings does it take for a call to go through voicemail on an iPhone?

On iPhones, calls are sent to voicemail after 25 seconds or around 4-5 rings. Unfortunately, the duration or number of rings before voicemail activation cannot be adjusted. 

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